Monday, February 11, 2008

Pregnant Mothers, Can Reduce E Smog Radiation

After reviewing more than 2000 research reports the Bioinitiative Group of scientists advise reducing E smog pollution from mobile phone and WiFi and other sources during pregnancy. There is a general agreement about this. It is accepted that in addition to the present evidence protection of the pregnant and new born is beyond question. Only those sites regulated by the telecommunication industry deny this. Though mainly they avoid bringing this question into view. And even they are advising caution. The European Environmental agency advises caution openly, the American Environmental Protection Agency EPA does as well, but only when asked.

Caution is necessary. DNA strands are broken and cell membranes weakened when radiated by small amounts of microwave radiation far less than the allowed level which is based on average people. The child in the uterus is growing rapidly and its cells are mosdt vulnerable when they are multiplying and specializing to create a healthy well formed infant.

Electromagnetic fields, particularly their magnetic component go through brick walls and certainly can affect the baby inside. It is important to realize that we must take into account radiation especially extreme low frequency radiation that is accepted by present allowed standards. These standards were created before WIFI, mobiles(cell phones) computers were multiplying . And their fields overlapping each other to create the dense though invisible soup of radiation we call e smog.

You have a choice to make. It is important for your child. Most mothers reduce alcohol intake, and smoking since it is proven to affect their child’s future. Reducing microwave exposure is also necessary. (see the Bioinitiative Report at As with drinking and smoking during pregnancy the effects on your child can come later in life.

The telecommunication lobby has placed ‘neutral’ sites on the web that will assure you that radiation from phones, wifi, wireless, home phones etc., has not been proven harmful. Before legal action against the tobacco industry cigarette smoking was as common as cell phone talking. If so many smoke, who can change that? “All the others do it why can’t I”, say our children. Powerful public campaigns have reduced smoking! Labeling mobiles as dangerous to pregnant mothers and children will help and is now being considered by govenrment authorities

I write this because I have studied this microwave problem for many years. I am a medical doctor now retired. I have worked at MIT, NASA, and been a Assistant Clinical Professor at Georgetown University.

I am concerned! It is wrong that people are not warned so they know the risks and can make informed choices. You can reduce the risk to your unborn child.

Preparing your home for the baby begins when you learn you are pregnant. Then the baby’s cells are multiplying fastest and the DNA is most vulnerable. In life we con only do the best we can. We need to consider what we can do to reduce radiation risk.. It is not possible in our civilization to reduce it completely but here are a few suggestions.

(1) To reduce mobile use.

Send a group notice to all those on your address list giving them your home phone/office numbers. Put on your mobile your hard line number and automatically forward the calls to your wired phone. Do not use home phones that are not wired, they are worse than mobiles. It is a worthwhile investment!

(2) Get rid of WiFi if you have it. Wire up your computer, fax, printer. The cables are not expensive, if you can use glass fiber cables that are easily installed and hidden.

(3) Check out your neighbors WiFi by finding where you can use your computer wireless when your own wireless system is turned off. Notice the area where neighbor WiFi penetrates most and avoid sleeping or sitting there over longer periods of time. When planning where the newborn shall sleep remember to consider lowest possible radiation. Talk to your neighbor who uses WIFI.

When your baby is born avoid wireless baby monitors, they may seem harmless. They pollute the child’s room. When baby sleeps in the parents room keep mobiles in another room. Certainly do not have a DECT wirless phone nearbye. They radiate even when turned off.

(4) All computers also radiate. In your home work space reduce computer exposure as much as you can. Move away from the work station tower. Buying a separate keyboard keeping allows you to distance yourself from laptops radiation

(5)Add to your computer the software program Computer-Clear (www. This does not reduce the radiation but adds a signal in the computers field that specifically helps your immune system resist WIFi and radiation effects from your computer and other sources within 2 meters from your computer. Every reduction is important.

(5) A healthy diet increases your body’s resistance.

(6) Avoid Hot Spots i.e., public places, hotels, libraries, schools where WiFi is installed ‘for customer convenience’ When in a hot spot be sensitive to the radiation many people can feel it. Get out as soon as you can. Your pregnant body has the capacity to identify these fields if you pay attention. Get to know the your signals.

(7) Do what you can to keep out of the range of mobile (cell) transmitters. Learn to identify them. They are often hidden. There are companies who specialize in hiding mobile transmitters! Make games with your children: who can find the most transmitters. They will be less likely to insist on their own cell phone.

(8) In most cities there are groups who can informed you about the local microwave towers and relay stations and help you to prevent their being placed near your home..

(9) Do not use microwave ovens. They change the proteins of the food cooked so they are not only less healthy but can be harmful. When your baby is born avoid wireless baby monitors, they may seem harmless. They pollute the child’s room. Use wired monitors

(10) Keep informed. Join others in expressing concern and taking community action.

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