Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Can our body's internet be spammed?

This is just to remind you that you that you already know a great deal about your own and other peoples' energy and information fields which I shall call their internet

Our healthy bio information/energy internet and the information it carries can makes us glow with health.

When it is compromised we may feel cold, clammy, depressed or neutral (zero) and out of relationship with the many supporting energy fields around us. We are more vulnerable.

Our human biological internet is not just mystery.

Life maintenance depends on the information/energy/command exchanges between our cells.

Consider the electrical/information/command impulses in our nerves... and in many other intricate electromagnetic/information flows that are also essential to coordinating the billions of complex elements in our body so there is health.

These body internet information flows are more in the nature of delicately addressed significant email than in the nature of meaningless spam.

A human is not a closed 'thing'. It is alive and openly changing in relation to its its internal and surrounding ecology at all times. Its vitality depends on successfully maintaining its energy and information flow: its internal and external multidimensional and multimedia chatting

Extreme low frequency energies from our man made electromagnetic/information pollution, like spam, add noise to our health maintaining information systems.

E smog, the sum of all our man made electromagnetic exposure, creates spam like pollution in our body's internet.

Spam pollution is able to sneak in because it finds addresses and messages sufficiently similar to our body's intended message structure and creates noise. Too much noise and we are weakened, even sick.

This can reduce our ability to feel well and be well.

The public somehow seems to be afraid of the Microwave pollution but it does'nt make sense. A good metaphor can have the power in creating understanding. If you like this one please use it. It makes it easier to grasp that the E smog problem is not only being cooked by high microwave energies, but also being spammed by small bioactive noisy energies that imitate our bodies living information structure

As A medical doctor with training in neurology and man machine interfaces I suggest there is truth in this metaphor.

Warren Brodey M.D.

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