Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The history of American EMF standard

Just to add to Gilllarrows comment on regarding the DOD
I refer you to Doctor Mae-won Ho's story about the setting of the EMF radiation limit 10 milliwatt.

It should be known by all of us

For this story link to

On this site Doctor Mae Won tells about the Navy's dilemma: Changing standards meant changing vital defense installations radar systems etc when the cold war was in progress. How
this standard was established and maintained without any scientific basis is related

Americans are suffering now from what may have been a necessary compromise during the Cold War.

The cost of changing the Cold War microwave power standards to those considered correct by many of scientists seems to be enormous.

But this cost to the Us Federal government the industries dependant on the old standard must weighed against the cost of increasing the health care budget needed to deal with EMF based sickness which all indications suggest will reach epidemic proportions.

Putting aside monetary considerations. Should our children lose their health because of decisions made to accommodate the Cold War reality.

New research (see the Bioininitiative report) allows new approaches:

What is particularly interesting in this regard is chapter 14 of the report on Modulation. In this chapter a famous scientist suggests that larger sums of money invested on research into the bioactive frequencies could allow the development of means to identify and shift away from those frequencies (and their precursors) that cause ill health and perhaps add specific frequencies that use bioresonance to restore immune system integrity.

This research will an important in opening medical knowledge instead of clinging to the fear of revealing sickness causing Cold War compromises

Warren Brodey M.D.